Toys For 12 Year Olds

Casey Riley
36 min readMar 20, 2024



Welcome to our roundup of the best toys for 12 year olds! Whether your child is into building, gaming, or adventure, we’ve got them covered with our carefully curated selection of toys that will keep them entertained and engaged for hours on end. Get ready to discover some amazing products that are sure to delight and inspire young minds.

The Top 28 Best Toys For 12 Year Olds

  1. Safe Blue Mini Drone Toy for Kids — Experience the thrill of hovering entertainment with the Tikduck: safe for all ages, it offers countless stunts to try, a perfect outdoor toy for 5 year olds and adults alike!
  2. Foldable Hiturbo Phoenix Drone with 1080p Camera and Voice Control — Experience breathtaking aerial views with Hiturbo Drone’s 1080p camera, foldable design, and user-friendly features, perfect for adults and kids alike.
  3. Kids Smart Watch: Interactive, Educational, and Fun for Aged 7+ — Phyulls Smart Watch for Kids Boys offers an engaging experience with 24 games, alarm clock, calendaring, camera music player, and time display features, making it a perfect gift for 7-year-olds and capturing their life’s magic moments.
  4. Solar Stem Robot Kit: Build and Explore STEM Science with Sun-powered Robots — Unleash your child’s creativity and innovation with the 12-in-1 Education Solar Robot Toys, a safe and fun STEM learning experience that encourages environmental consciousness in young minds!
  5. Desktop Punching Bag for Stress Relief and Fun — Relieve stress at your desk with the Glacial Desktop Punching Bag — an all-in-one stress reliever that attaches securely to your desk, features soft PU leather, and provides fun for everyone!
  6. Magnetic 32-Piece Building Block Stress Relief Desk Toys Set for Adults and Teens — Experience a unique executive desk toy with 32-piece set magnetic building blocks, offering fun, stress relief, and creative challenges for adults and kids alike.
  7. Flexible Joint Robot Toys for Kids: Autobots Action Figures with 2-in-1 Play Style — QCCX Car Robot Toys: Deformation Robot Toy, Transformable Car Action Figure, Enriches Imagination and Hands-on Skills for Kids, Flexible Joints and Sturdy Material for Durable Play!
  8. Unleash Creativity and STEM Skills with the Geek Club Robotic Kit for Ages 14+ — Unleash your child’s creativity with the Geek Club Robot Building Kit — a STEM-focused, safe, and fun science toy that supports logical thinking, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills through the development of 5 cute robots.
  9. Solar Robot Kit: STEM Learning Fun for 8–12 Year Olds — Unleash the fun of engineering and science with the Aesgogo 12-in-1 Creation Solar Robot Kit, the perfect STEM-friendly gift for 8–12-year-olds, fueling their imagination and curiosity at the same time.
  10. Transformers Studio Series Optimus Prime Figure — Experience the epic battles of Optimus Prime with this amazingly detailed action figure and jetwing tech transformation!
  11. Deformable Mini Action Figure Car Robot 6-Pack for Kids Ages 5–12 — Satisfy your child’s wild imaginations with the 6-piece Hayul Robot Toy Set for kids ages 5–12, featuring deformation-ready car robots, superior quality, and easy assembly.
  12. Hands-On STEAM Science Gift for Kids: Experiments and Learning Kit — Experience the magic of science with the Hapinest Science Magic Kit, a hands-on gift for kids ages 6+, offering over 10 exciting experiments for them to explore and learn with the help of their parents!
  13. Build Your Own Mega Cyborg Hand for Precision Gripping — Unleash your inner cyborg with the Mega Cyborg Hand from Thames & Kosmos — a wearable, adjustable, and eco-friendly mechanical marvel that demonstrates the power of pneumatics and hydraulics!
  14. Glowing 3D String Art Kit: Unique DIY Decoration for Kids — Unleash creativity and transform any space into a magical glow-up wonderland with the MEAXUR 3D String Kit, the perfect handmade birthday or Christmas gift for kids aged 6–12!
  15. Iconic Mega Man 1/12 Scale Action Figure — Blast into action with the 1:12 scale, 6" tall Mega Man action figure, featuring over 15 points of articulation and authentic details from the original video game. Collect him and prepare for epic battles against Dr. Wily!
  16. Multi-functional Fidget Spinners for Kids and Adults — Transform your stress relief journey with these versatile 4-piece colored Fidget Spinners, featuring deformable chains that allow you to create endless shapes and spins, while enhancing hand-eye coordination, creative thinking, and relaxation.
  17. Superhero Arcade Warrior Collector Pack for Boys Age 10 — Unleash the Elemental Battle Action with The Legends of Akedo Button Bash Collector Pack, featuring 10 Ultimate Arcade Warrior Action Figures, 2 Button Bash Controllers, and an arena environment for kids to enjoy!
  18. Science-Inspired Stem Toys for Kids Age 8–12 with 50+ Mechanical Projects — Caferria Mechanical Building Toys for Boys: Ignite their creativity and STEM skills with 50+ projects, perfect for ages 6–10, and safe, non-toxic, washable blocks!
  19. Solar Robot Kit for 8–14 Year Olds — Educational building set for aspiring innovators — Unleash your child’s creativity and skills with the RAESOOT 12-in-1 Solar Robot Kit, an exciting fusion of STEM education and renewable energy sources, perfect for 8–14-year-old aspiring engineers!
  20. Remote Control Car for Kids Aged 6–12, Perfect Gift — Experience all-around drifting excitement with durable, off-road capable 4WD RC stunt cars, powered by long-lasting rechargeable batteries, making them the perfect thrilling gifts for kids and adults alike!
  21. 5-in-1 Transforming Toys for Kids: Endless Imaginative Play! — Excite your child’s imagination with this 5-in-1 transforming robot toy that turns into a motorcycle, go-kart, airplane, and tank, all in one sturdy and durable 10-inch design.
  22. Glowing Air Target Game for Nighttime Fun and Coordination — Glow in the Dark Air Target Game: Develop eye-hand coordination and have a blast shooting hovering balls with HearthSong’s fun, tabletop challenge!
  23. Action-Packed PVC Toy Figure for Imaginative Playtime — Experience endless adventures and stimulate imagination with the Genqiang 12-inch Action Figure, an eco-friendly and high-quality toy perfect for collecting, playing, and gifting on any occasion!
  24. STEM Education Lab Kit for Ages 8–12: Build Mini Tank, Doodling Robot, and More — Unleash kids’ creativity and STEM skills with this 5 set stem kit for ages 8–12, offering customizable robotics and scientific projects.
  25. Mega Science Kit: Fun Experiments for Kids’ Learning — Excite your child’s curiosity with the Smartivity Mega Science Kit, offering over 100 hours of safe and educational chemistry experiments for ages 6–14.
  26. Circuit Cubes Gears Go! Multi-Vehicle Mobility Launch Kit: Build and Code Your Way to Engineering Fun — Turning your toys into movable marvels with Circuit Cubes, the educational STEM solution for kids and adults to spark creativity, problem-solving skills, and self-confidence.
  27. Intelligent Multi-Functional Robot Toy for Kids with LED Eyes and Dance Moves — OYMMENEY Remote Control Robot Toy for Kids: A Flexible, Colorful, Educational, and Entertaining Choice for Children Aged 3–9.
  28. Transformers Flanker and Swerve Legends Class Figures — Rev up for thrilling adventures with the Transformers Generations Legends Class Flanker and Swerve figures, featuring lightning-quick action and 3-in-1 conversion capabilities to take your Transformers collection to new heights.


Safe Blue Mini Drone Toy for Kids


Incorporating the unique un-enclosed structure into their design, the Tikduck Flying Orb Ball Toys have become a hit for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. The experience of gliding the orb in the air, mastering new tricks, and competing with others adds an exciting challenge to any family gathering.

The safety feature of the un-enclosed design truly shines in real-life situations. A child, for instance, can play with the Flying Orb Ball Toys without any hassle. The un-enclosed nature also makes these toys suitable for adults to participate in a fun activity while ensuring no injury.

Controlling the orb seamlessly through the air can be a bit challenging, especially for beginners. Some have reported that despite the manufacturers’ claims, these flying orbs may come off-balance and make it difficult to keep them in motion. Adjusting the throwing speed and angle is crucial in achieving the best results.

Communicating with the customer support team has been reported as a tedious process for some users, leading to unresolved issues regarding shipping times and product returns. Nevertheless, customer satisfaction is subjective, and what might be frustrating for some might not be a problem for others.

Overall, the Tikduck Flying Orb Ball Toys offer a fun and unique way to enjoy outdoor activities with friends and family. If you can persevere with the learning curve and are not concerned about the customer support experience, you’ll find these orbs to be a delightful addition to your summer plans. However, do keep an eye open for any off-balance or misbehaving orbs before making any major purchases.

Foldable Hiturbo Phoenix Drone with 1080p Camera and Voice Control


Ever since I laid my hands on the Hiturbo Drone, it’s been a fun-filled journey in the sky. I was thoroughly impressed by its 1080p camera that can be manually adjusted to capture breathtaking pictures and videos from up high or down below. As someone who loves capturing action-packed moments, this drone was an absolute game-changer.

Battery life was never something that worried me before, but the Hiturbo Drone had me covered with two rechargeable batteries that provided roughly 12 minutes of flight time each. This feature allowed me to extend my flying experience with just a quick battery swap, making it a perfect companion for long, sunlit afternoons.

The drone’s remote control and smartphone app provided an easy-to-navigate user interface, making it a breeze to operate. Although it was fascinating to use voice control, I soon discovered that it was more reliable to utilize the remote control for capturing those precious moments. The app’s additional functions, such as trajectory flight, further enhanced my experience and helped me unlock the full potential of this drone.

One standout feature of the Hiturbo Drone was its ability to hold its altitude, whether it was hovering above stunning landscapes or maintaining a steady position over my friends. Its 360-degree flip performed seamlessly, and the one-button takeoff and landing made it a great option for beginners looking to start their drone adventures.

Although the Hiturbo Drone is suitable for both adults and kids, I found it to be a tad on the sensitive side, requiring a bit of extra care when handling. Keeping that in mind, I would recommend reading through the product manual and taking some time to familiarize yourself with its features before taking off.

In conclusion, the Hiturbo Drone is an excellent pick for those looking to explore drone photography and capture unique aerial moments. Just be sure to practice good drone etiquette and always follow local regulations when flying.

Kids Smart Watch: Interactive, Educational, and Fun for Aged 7+


In my experience with the Phyulls Smart Watch, it proved to be a versatile and fun addition to my young son’s daily life. He seemed particularly excited to have a device with its own camera and 24 puzzle games, which kept him engaged and entertained throughout the day.

One feature that stood out was the smartwatch’s ability to display time, allowing him to keep track of the day. We especially appreciated the silent profile that kept distractions to a minimum when it was time for him to focus on his studies.

However, the watch seemed to have a short battery life, which required frequent charging. Although the device did include batteries with the purchase, it was a hassle to constantly have to plug in the watch. Additionally, some of the more advanced functions, such as the music player and video recorder, required a more intricate understanding of the watch’s features, which may have been a challenge for younger children to navigate.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Phyulls Smart Watch’s combination of fun features and functionality made it a great gift for my son, and he seemed excited to show it off to his friends. While there’s room for improvement, the watch had its advantages in keeping him entertained and engaged.

Solar Stem Robot Kit: Build and Explore STEM Science with Sun-powered Robots


As a mom, I was initially drawn to Sillbird’s 12-in-1 Solar Robot Kit. I thought it would be a fun and educational project for our 9-year-old son. The kit arrived promptly, and I was impressed with the variety of pieces it came with — everything from wheels and gears to pistons and shafts.

But as we started to assemble one of the robots, I realized that the instructions were not as clear as they could have been. The build process was a bit of a trial and error, leading to some frustration. It was also disheartening to see that the product seemed to have some packaging issues — one of the kits we received had a used face mask in it.

Despite these setbacks, we were able to build a few robots, and my son enjoyed the hands-on solar-powered experience. The robots were fun and engaged our son in science and engineering concepts. He loved that the robots could crawl, roll, and float, all powered by the sun.

While the build process could have been smoother, the Sillbird Kit did introduce our son to the concept of renewable resources in a fun and interactive way. As he grows older, we hope to see a more streamlined version of the product, and we will definitely be on the lookout for more of Sillbird’s offerings.

Desktop Punching Bag for Stress Relief and Fun


Imagine a stressful day at work, when the boss won’t let up, and the deadlines seem never-ending. That’s when the Glacial Desktop Punching Bag comes to the rescue. This little gem is your instant stress-relief buddy, keeping you at your desk instead of tearing up the gym.

The Glacial Desktop Punching Bag isn’t just a fun toy; it’s a super-strong clamp that grips your desk tight. No need to worry about suction cups slipping or scratching your desk; this ball won’t budge no matter how hard you whack it. And the ball is made of a soft PU leather that’s gentle on your hands, all while providing the durability required to take a beating.

This punching bag is perfect for those who want to burn some calories without hitting the gym. So, instead of being glued to your desk, take a break and unleash your energy on the ball. It just might be the quickest and most fun way to feel great and relieve your work-related stress.

The Glacial Desktop Punching Bag isn’t just for the adults either. It’s an entertaining toy that gets everyone curious and wanting to take a swing. Whether it’s at home with kids or in the office with coworkers, this ball is the perfect way to engage and have fun with everyone.

So, if you’ve had enough of a high-stress job or just need a fun way to release some steam, give the Glacial Desktop Punching Bag a try. It’s fast, fun, and an excellent stress reliever — all without getting up from your desk.

Magnetic 32-Piece Building Block Stress Relief Desk Toys Set for Adults and Teens


I recently stumbled upon the 32-Piece Magnetic Sphere Building Block Set for adults, marketed as a ‘stress’ relief toy. It’s an interesting concept; not just a novelty desk item, but also an educational puzzle with potential stress-relieving properties.

In my experience, they’re more than just a magnetic ball set. They’re fun, intriguing and challenging, offering hours of enjoyable building, rebuilding, and shape piecing. The colorful spheres glided smoothly onto each other and the magnetic force was strong enough to hold everything together, but not so much as to make the building process frustrating.

However, I also noticed a few minor issues. Sometimes, the pieces would stick too hard to each other, making disassembling tough. Also, they’re quite small, so be careful not to swallow them accidentally if you have young kids around.

Despite these small drawbacks, I’ve found these magnetic sphere building blocks to be a refreshingly unique and engaging desk toy. They’ve entertained me well through downtime at work and provided an interesting challenge to stimulate my mind.

Flexible Joint Robot Toys for Kids: Autobots Action Figures with 2-in-1 Play Style


I’ve been using the QCCX Car Robot Toys in my daily life, and I must say, these toys are really something special. The deformation robot toy is a fantastic blend of robot and car, creating an exciting transformation experience for kids. The flexible joints in the figures are truly remarkable; they rotate very smoothly and provide image representation that is almost lifelike.

One of the standout features of this product is its sturdy material. The hard ABS plastic and alloy construction make it robust and resistant to falls, making it a safe and durable option for kids. However, I’ve found that the toy can be a bit tricky to assemble, but it is definitely worth the effort.

Overall, these QCCX Car Robot Toys are an entertaining and imaginative addition to any kid’s collection. They encourage hands-on skills and can keep children away from electronic products, providing a healthy and engaging playtime experience.

Unleash Creativity and STEM Skills with the Geek Club Robotic Kit for Ages 14+


Wow, the Geek Club Robot Building Kit has been a game-changer in my household! I recently got one of these incredible kits for my 14-year-old son, and it’s been a fantastic way to spark his curiosity and imagination.

One of my favorite things about this robotics kit is how it encourages hands-on learning while fostering logical thinking, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. My son has been absolutely thrilled to assemble the cute robots, as it’s both educational and a whole lot of fun!

This kit is unique because it offers an engaging way to learn about various STEM subjects, such as electronic engineering, vibration mechanics, and energy generation from food. The fact that it’s easy and safe for kids to use is a huge plus, as it’s made from non-toxic materials and has an adorable circuit board and electrical system.

Moreover, the kit includes all the necessary accessories for creative play, making assembly a breeze. Plus, the robots are compact, so they won’t take up too much space. All in all, the Geek Club Robot Building Kit has been an exceptional addition to our household, and I highly recommend it for kids and adults alike!

Solar Robot Kit: STEM Learning Fun for 8–12 Year Olds


As a reviewer who had the opportunity to use this STEM Projects 12-in-1 Creation Solar Robot Kit, I can say that it was an impressive collection of science experiments and toys for kids ages 8 and up. My son and I spent hours building the various forms of solar robots, from cars and walkers to boats, and we had loads of fun exploring the land and water adaptability of these innovative robots.

One standout feature was the use of solar panels as the sole source of energy for the robots, which not only helped children understand the importance of renewable energy but also sparked their curiosity about machines. The STEM Projects 12-in-1 Creation Solar Robot Kit served as a perfect educational tool that combined fun with learning, encouraging kids to embrace their inner engineer and learn about the structure of complex machines.

However, one area that could be improved upon would be the instructions for assembling the robots. At times, they were a bit vague and could have been more detailed to help kids better understand the process. Overall, though, this product was a hit in our household and would make a great gift for kids who enjoy tinkering with toys and exploring the principles of renewable energy.

Transformers Studio Series Optimus Prime Figure


As a kid who grew up with Transformers, I couldn’t help but be excited about the Studio Series Optimus Prime action figure. The first thing I noticed was its impressive size — it’s a true collector’s piece that can fit right in with any toy collection.

The figure comes with a removable backdrop and all the accessories you need to get started, including a cool jetwing armor for the trailer. As a fan of the brand, I loved seeing all the intricate details that went into making this figure look just like the one in the movie.

However, as with any action figure, there were a few hitches along the way. Transforming Optimus Prime from robot mode to truck mode took a bit of figuring out, especially for someone like me who’s not very familiar with the franchise. But once I got the hang of it, it was a breeze.

One thing I did notice was that the figure’s balance wasn’t the best, and it had a tendency to fall over if not placed carefully. This didn’t completely deter me from playing with it, but it was a bit frustrating.

Overall, the Studio Series Optimus Prime figure is a great addition to any Transformers enthusiast’s collection. Its impressive size, attention to detail, and included accessories make it a must-have for fans of the brand. Despite a few minor setbacks, I had a blast playing with this figure and couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Deformable Mini Action Figure Car Robot 6-Pack for Kids Ages 5–12


I recently got my hands on the Hayul 6 Pcs Car Robot Toys, and it’s been quite an adventure! These mini action figures are perfect for kids who love Cars and robots. The set includes 6 different variants that can easily transform into cool little cars. The quality is top-notch, and they’re super durable, which is a relief when dealing with kids’ toys.

One of my favorite features is how easy it is to switch between car and robot modes. Plus, they’re so simple to assemble, making them a great choice for kids who might struggle with more complicated toys. The size is perfect for little hands to grasp, and at just about 3.15 inches tall and 1.75 ounces heavy, they’re lightweight and easy to carry around.

These Hayul Car Robot Toys would make an excellent gift for kids ages 5 to 12. I can imagine them being a hit as holiday toy gifts, school classroom prizes, or even as cute little surprises for birthday parties or Christmas stockings. And let’s not forget about using them as cute cake toppers! Overall, I’m quite impressed with these Hayul Car Robot Toys, and I think kids and parents alike will enjoy their versatility and durability.

Hands-On STEAM Science Gift for Kids: Experiments and Learning Kit


As a parent, I’ve been on the lookout for an engaging and educational science kit that could captivate my curious kids. When Hapinest’s Science Magic Kit landed in our hands, it quickly became our go-to for hands-on learning. The all-inclusive kit features a variety of essential materials and easy instructions for children as young as 6 years old.

What truly stood out was the kid-friendly approach to learning. The experiments allowed my children to witness the wonders of science firsthand, resulting in excitement and enthusiasm about the unknown. While adults may be more familiar with the chemistry concepts, the Science Magic Kit successfully bridged that gap, allowing parents to be more hands-on in teaching science in a fun and engaging way.

However, there was one downside: the kit could have been more visually appealing. The plastic containers and lackluster packaging might not resonate with kids as much as it could have.

In conclusion, the Science Magic Kit made learning science an enriching experience for my children, even if it did not have the most refined presentation. With a little more effort in the packaging department, this kit could be an even more fantastic gift for kids interested in science and hands-on learning.

Build Your Own Mega Cyborg Hand for Precision Gripping


As a mechanical engineering enthusiast, I’ve always been fascinated by the intricacies of hydraulic systems. When I came across the Mega Cyborg Hand from Thames & Kosmos, I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t resist. I spent one afternoon assembling the various pieces together, carefully filling the tubes with water, and adjusting the parts to fit my hand.

The finished product was nothing short of amazing! The precision movements and the sense of accomplishment I felt when my fingers closed around an object were unparalleled. The claw-like configuration was particularly cool, allowing me to pick up small items with ease. It was almost as if I had a robotic appendage attached to my own hand.

However, the building process was not without its challenges. The instructions were detailed, but some steps required a level of precision that proved tricky for me. I ended up having to consult a few online tutorials to ensure I was correctly aligning the parts.

Despite these minor setbacks, I can confidently say that the Mega Cyborg Hand was a worthwhile investment. It provided a unique hands-on learning experience, and the chance to delve into the world of industrial robotics. I highly recommend it for anyone with a passion for STEM and mechanics.

Glowing 3D String Art Kit: Unique DIY Decoration for Kids


Recently, I had the opportunity to try out the MEAXUR 3D String Art Kit as part of a birthday present for a young friend. It was a delightful experience that unleashed our creativity and allowed us to work together on making something truly unique.

The kit came with all the materials needed — colorful yarn, inflatable balloons, LED lights, and special glue. The instructions were user-friendly and easy to follow, providing step-by-step guidance on wrapping the yarn around the balloons and attaching the lights.

One aspect of the product that truly stood out was the fact that the glowing lanterns served as the perfect decoration during the day and ambient light during the night. It was fascinating to see the room transformed by the beauty of the colorful strings illuminated by the LED lights.

However, there was a bit of a learning curve in the process; my friend and I discovered that patience and precision were key in achieving the desired results. We had a few instances where the yarn didn’t attach properly or the balloons popped, but we learned from our mistakes and found ways to improvise our creations.

Overall, the MEAXUR 3D String Art Kit was a fun and engaging gift for my friend’s birthday. It provided us with an opportunity to bond and create something unique together, while showcasing our creativity in a meaningful way.

Iconic Mega Man 1/12 Scale Action Figure


This Mega Man action figure by Jada Toys brought me right back to my childhood. The packaging is so reminiscent of the original video game, and it’s amazing to see such attention to detail. The figure itself is well-designed, with over 15 points of articulation, and the included blaster effect and stand make it even more engaging.

However, I found the size of the figure to be somewhat smaller than I had anticipated, but it still fits perfectly on my shelf. Overall, it’s a must-have for any Mega Man fan and a great addition to any action figure collection.

Multi-functional Fidget Spinners for Kids and Adults


As someone who’s always looking for a fun way to deal with stress, I recently discovered these transformable fidget spinners and they’ve become my go-to stress reliever. With a multitude of shapes I can create — from small robots to cellphone holders — these fidget spinners are a great way to pass the time. The colorful selection of 4 is great for both kids and adults and helps with their hand-eye coordination and logical thinking skills.

One thing I love about these fidget spinners is how well they spin. Thanks to the high-speed bearing in the center and the 6 deformable chains, they keep spinning for minutes on end! These cool gadgets are definitely a hit for both kids and adults dealing with stress.

The best part is, these fidget spinners are so small they can fit right in my pocket meaning I never have to go without them. The perfect size also makes it easy to share this joy and stress reliever with family, friends and classmates; and it’s been a great addition to my daily routine, especially when I’m at home, at school, on a bus or at an airport.

Superhero Arcade Warrior Collector Pack for Boys Age 10


The Legends of Akedo are back and ready for some epic battles! . This Button Bash Collector Pack is an amazing toy for kids who love arcade fighting games. With 10 Ultimate Arcade Warrior Action Figures, each with their own unique fighting style, they can unleash their inner warrior and create their own battle arena.

To make the game even more exciting, the package includes 2 Button Bash Controllers, allowing them to battle their friends right away. Plus, the kids can flip the packaging to create their own arena environment, making the game even more immersive. It’s like having the extreme moves of arcade fighting games in the palm of your hand! .

Science-Inspired Stem Toys for Kids Age 8–12 with 50+ Mechanical Projects


I recently stumbled upon Caferria’s Mechanical Building Toys for boys aged 8–12, and I must say, it has been a delightful experience. The toy comes with 325 intriguing pieces that enable kids to create 50 different mechanical models, making it a perfect way to spark their creativity and enthusiasm for STEM activities.

One of the standout features is the detailed instruction guide, which is easy to follow and comes with model photos. I was pleasantly surprised to see my 7-year-old son manage to build his favorite mechanical model independently, showcasing his abilities and confidence in the process.

Moreover, I appreciate the non-toxic and lead-free materials used in the construction of these toys. They’re also washable and guaranteed to last, which adds a layer of convenience and peace of mind. The fact that it’s certified to various safety standards also gives me confidence in the toy’s safety and quality.

One small drawback is that it may be a bit challenging for younger children to understand and navigate the intricate building process. However, for children aged 6 and up, it presents a great opportunity to learn and explore the world of simple machines.

Overall, I would highly recommend Caferria’s Mechanical Building Toys for boys 8–12 years old. It’s not only a fun and engaging activity but also an educational and stimulating one that encourages problem-solving and creativity.

Solar Robot Kit for 8–14 Year Olds — Educational building set for aspiring innovators


With a gleaming sun on a sunny day, I watched my 10-year-old son, who happens to be on the autism spectrum, sit with fascination as he assembled his first RAESOOT solar robot kit. The joy on his face was a pure delight, and I couldn’t help but smile. The kit was surprisingly easy to assemble, and he was able to create his own unique robot designs, all the while learning about solar energy and the power of renewable resources.

The 12-in-1 solar robot toy collection has been a fantastic addition to our home. Every robot has its own way of walking, with some even capable of traveling across water. It’s impressive to see the different ways these robots can move and interact with their environment. Each time he completes building one, he shares his excitement with me and eagerly moves on to the next one.

As I watch him grow and flourish, I’m grateful for the opportunity these toys have presented. They not only serve as a form of entertainment but also help nurture his logical and scientific thinking. He’s become more curious about how things work and why they do, which has been a wonderful change to witness.

The RAESOOT solar robot kits make for perfect gifts for kids interested in STEM. The detailed instructions and the chance to build their own robots make these toys both educational and fun. It’s amazing to see how excited children get when they receive one of these kits, and the joy it brings to them is priceless.

Finally, the kits are safe and eco-friendly, made from non-toxic ABS material. This gives me peace of mind knowing my child is learning and playing with safe materials. Additionally, the components are easy to disassemble and reuse, which is a great feature for anyone who values sustainability.

Overall, the RAESOOT solar robot kit has been a hit in our household, and I can’t recommend it enough to other families looking for educational and engaging toys for their children. These unique STEM kits are sure to bring endless hours of fun and learning for your little ones.

Remote Control Car for Kids Aged 6–12, Perfect Gift


My little cousin loved the high-tech RC stunt car we bought him for his birthday. We spent hours outside together, running over gravel, lawn, and even the beach, and this car didn’t falter. The 4WD and 360-degree rotation made it a thrilling experience, even when it took a tumble.

And, to our delight, the rechargeable battery kept it going for a long time. The all-round drift feature was amazing, and it made a perfect gift for his friends as well.

It was such a versatile and durable toy that we enjoyed watching it roam freely on any terrain. Overall, this RC car made our outdoor adventures a whole lot more exciting! .

5-in-1 Transforming Toys for Kids: Endless Imaginative Play!


As a kid, I remember the joy of transforming my toys into different shapes and vehicles. This 5-in-1 Transforming Toys Car Robot really takes me back to those fun days! .

With sturdy parts and secure joints, it’s easy to switch between a robot and a motorcycle, go-kart, airplane, or tank. I love that it’s designed to withstand rough play and its large size makes it perfect for kids 6 and up. The best part? .

It offers endless options for imaginative play, making it a great gift for any occasion.

Glowing Air Target Game for Nighttime Fun and Coordination


I recently gave the HearthSong Glow-in-the-Dark Air Target Game a whirl, and I must say, it was quite an experience. This little toy targets have been flying through the air and providing hours of fun for my family. The target glows in the dark and floats, and the game comes complete with two blasters and plenty of darts to keep everyone entertained.

One of the highlights of this game was how it helped improve my kids’ eye-hand coordination. The floating darts seemed to dance in the air, tempting them to shoot and hit them. My daughter especially loved the glow-in-the-dark aspect, making it an even more thrilling experience for her.

However, there were a couple of aspects that weren’t as enjoyable, such as requiring four batteries, which can be a little pricey. The blasters didn’t always shoot straight, which made hitting the tiny target balls a bit more of a challenge than it should have been. Additionally, I found that when the game was played on an uneven surface, the balls tended to fall off.

Despite these minor setbacks, the HearthSong Glow-in-the-Dark Air Target Game was a fun addition to our games collection. It’s a great activity for family game nights or a treat for a birthday party. I’m sure we’ll continue to enjoy using it in the days to come.

Action-Packed PVC Toy Figure for Imaginative Playtime


I had the pleasure of trying out the Genqiang Action Figure, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. At 12 inches tall, this little guy is quite the sight to behold, with his vivid appearance and bright colors that can instantly stimulate any child’s imagination.

One of the standout features of this action figure is the advanced joint system. With 4 joints, including the head, arms, legs, and feet, the figure is incredibly versatile. Not only can the head, arms, and feet rotate a full 360 degrees, but the legs can also swing forward and backward, giving your little one endless possibilities for imaginative play.

Made from eco-friendly and high-quality PVC materials, this action figure is safe for use as an interior decoration display and collection item. It’s perfect for adding a unique and impressive piece to your hero character collection.

And the fun doesn’t stop indoors! This action figure can also be taken on outdoor adventures, like camping, picnics, or swimming pools. Whether you’re using it as a collectible or toy for summer camps, it’s sure to provide hours of entertainment for your child.

If you’re looking for a great gift for a special occasion, this action figure is a fantastic choice. From Children’s Day to Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving, it’s the perfect present for any child or movie character fan.

Overall, I had a great time using the Genqiang Action Figure, and I think your child will too!

STEM Education Lab Kit for Ages 8–12: Build Mini Tank, Doodling Robot, and More


A few months ago, I gifted one of these 5 set stem kits to my 10-year-old nephew. He was thrilled, and I must admit, it was a pretty amazing experience for me too as an observer. The kit contained various elements that helped him get started with his STEM journey, and it was really fun to see him working on these projects, bringing his imagination to life.

One of the things I appreciated about the kit was its versatility. With just five sets, we were able to create a mini tank, airplane, conveyor, ferris wheel, and a doodling robot. It was fun to see him discover each unique piece and how it could be transformed into something else entirely.

However, I did notice that there were some parts that were quite tricky to assemble, which might cause frustration for some kids. But overall, it was a great addition to my nephew’s toy collection and definitely a step towards making STEM learning more engaging and interactive for him.

Mega Science Kit: Fun Experiments for Kids’ Learning


Recently, I had the opportunity to try out the Smartivity Mega Science Lab, and I must say, it was a delightful experience. The moment I opened the box, I was captivated by the vibrant colors and intriguing experiments it offered. I was especially impressed by the all-inclusive nature of the lab, which made even the messy tasks a breeze to clean up with the provided messy mat.

As I carefully set up the experiments, I found myself fully immersed in the chemistry concepts being explored. From understanding acids and bases to learning about the properties of water, the Smartivity Mega Science Lab made science come alive in a way I hadn’t experienced since my own childhood.

One aspect I appreciated was the emphasis on STEAM concepts, which I believe are crucial for fostering innovation and creative thinking. Not only did the kit include fun experiments, but it also provided valuable insights into the real-world applications of science.

However, there were a couple of challenges I faced during my experience. First, the instructions could have been more detailed and easier to understand, particularly for some of the more complex experiments. Second, the kit could benefit from a more engaging, interactive format, such as augmented reality or online resources, to enhance the learning experience for students.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Smartivity Mega Science Lab has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on me. With its engaging learning activities, vibrant colors, and emphasis on STEAM education, it is a must-have for any young scientist’s collection.

Circuit Cubes Gears Go! Multi-Vehicle Mobility Launch Kit: Build and Code Your Way to Engineering Fun


I recently had the chance to try out the Circuit Cubes Multi-Vehicle Mobility Launch Kit, and I must say, it brought a lot of life and excitement to my everyday. This little kit is a perfect way to combine play and learning, as it encourages children or adults to think creatively while building and programming their own vehicles.

One of the features that stood out to me was the ease of use. With a suggested age of 8 and up, this kit is accessible to a wide range of users. The program is designed to be intuitive, so you can easily set up your toys to move and power up your creations. However, it might be a little challenging for younger kids to fully grasp the concept and get the most out of it.

Another positive aspect of the Circuit Cubes Launch Kit is how versatile the products are. With minimal articulation, this allows for endless possibilities for creating different types of vehicles and designs. Plus, the plastic materials make the product durable and perfect for both indoor and outdoor play.

On the downside, not having an instruction manual can be a bit of a hindrance. It would be helpful to have a guide on how to build the vehicles, especially for those new to programming. Additionally, the kit might not include enough battery life, so you may need extras to ensure your toys keep going and going.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Circuit Cubes Multi-Vehicle Mobility Launch Kit is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a fun and educational way to bring their toys to life. It’s a great addition to the STEM education journey.

Intelligent Multi-Functional Robot Toy for Kids with LED Eyes and Dance Moves


Imagine the joy on a child’s face when they receive an OYMMENEY Robot Toy during their birthday party. I personally experienced this delight when my nephew opened his gift, and it was pure magic watching him interact with the little robot. The robot is designed for kids aged 3–9, and it’s packed with features that make it perfect for their learning and playtime.

During my time with the robot, I was impressed by its multifunctional capabilities. It’s not just a toy; it’s also a colorful companion, a music player, and even a dance partner! The robot can change colors, blink its LED eyes, and play 3 songs by remote control. Its flexible arms and ears can also make different postures, adding to the endless hours of imaginative play it can provide.

The remote control robot is easy to operate, with a 6-wheel design and a 2.4 GHz remote controller. It’s also charged using a USB cable, making it convenient for parents to keep it powered up. The rechargeable battery can last up to 2 hours, and its range can reach up to 100 feet without obstruction.

The OYMMENEY Robot Toy is made with high-quality ABS materials, ensuring child safety and durability. The smooth edges without burrs protect kids’ hands, perfect for their delicate skin. The robot is an ideal gift for any child’s special occasion, and I’m sure they’ll love it just as much as my nephew did!

Transformers Flanker and Swerve Legends Class Figures


As a longtime Transformers fan, I jumped at the chance to try out the Legends Class Flanker and Swerve figures from the Generations series. These action figures are not only a fun way to pass the time but also a great way to introduce the next generation of fans to the world of Transformers.

One of the standout features of these figures is their ability to convert from robot mode to their alternate modes. Swerve’s crossover vehicle mode, combined with Flanker’s jet and blaster modes, allowed me to engage in epic battles and create countless stories in my imagination.

However, Swerve’s short attention span was a bit concerning at times. In one particularly memorable incident, he drifting into oncoming traffic while I was driving with him as my passenger. To avoid any accidents, I had to make sure he was always strapped in securely.

Overall, the Legends Class Flanker and Swerve figures were a great addition to my Transformers collection. The action figures provide hours of entertainment and make excellent gifts for young fans of the franchise.

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right toy for a 12-year-old can be a fun and exciting task. With so many options available, it’s essential to consider the child’s interests, skill level, and age-appropriate features. This buyer’s guide will provide you with information on important features for toys suitable for 12-year-olds and offer some general advice for making an informed purchase.


Consideration: Child’s Interests

Before selecting a toy, consider what the 12-year-old enjoys doing. For example, if they are interested in sports, consider a toy that involves physical activity or can be used during sports activities. If they enjoy building and creating, an educational or STEM toy might be a good fit. Considering the child’s interests will help ensure they engage with the toy and receive the most enjoyment out of it.

Consideration: Skill Level

For a 12-year-old, consider toys that are challenging, yet not overly difficult to the point of frustration. Toys with adjustable levels of difficulty are ideal, as they can grow with the child as they develop new skills. Additionally, look for toys that promote hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and creativity, all of which are essential skills for a 12-year-old to develop.


Consideration: Age-Appropriate Features

Ensure that the toy you choose has age-appropriate features, such as safety standards and materials that are not hazardous for a 12-year-old to handle. Look for toys made from non-toxic materials and with no sharp edges, small parts, or choking hazards. Additionally, consider toys with minimal or no batteries required, as batteries can become a safety concern if not properly disposed of.

Consideration: Durability

Look for toys that are made with high-quality materials that can withstand extended use. A toy that can withstand wear and tear will make it a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for the 12-year-old. Be conscious of toys that require frequent replacement parts, as this can lead to additional costs and inconvenience down the line.



Which brand is best for 12-year-olds’ toys?

There is no single “best” brand, as preferences can vary depending on individual interests and play styles. However, well-known and trusted brands like NERF, Lego, and Mattel offer a wide range of entertaining and educational toys suitable for 12-year-olds. It is essential to research, read reviews, and consider what specific toys would be beneficial and enjoyable for your child before making a purchase.

Additionally, independent toy stores and online platforms may also present various options to explore. Look for age-appropriate toys from multiple sources to broaden your search and ensure you’re finding the best fit for your 12-year-old’s interests and preferences. Furthermore, always keep safety in mind and opt for products with appropriate safety certifications.


What types of toys are suitable for 12-year-olds?

There is a vast array of toys suitable for 12-year-olds, catering to diverse interests. Some popular options include board games, outdoor games, building and construction sets, puzzles, science kits, action figures, sports equipment, and books. Many of these toys have educational components and promote critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and social skills. Other activities, such as hobbies like painting, drawing, or playing an instrument, are also great options to consider.

Additionally, tech-related toys like coding games and drones can engage children in cutting-edge technology, while remote control cars, bicycles, or scooters may appeal to those interested in action-packed adventure. Research specific toys based on your child’s interests and ensure that they align with your child’s age and developmental stage. Encouraging independent play and decision-making also helps foster a greater appreciation for the toys and the learning opportunities they provide.

How much should I spend on a 12-year-old’s toys?

The amount you should spend on toys for a 12-year-old depends on various factors such as your budget, their interests, available resources, and the necessity for replacement or upgrade of existing toys. While it is essential to invest in safe, high-quality toys, it is also vital not to overspend. Generally, spending between $50 and $200 per toy can provide a good balance between durability, entertainment value, and affordability. However, you may need to spend more if your child has specific needs or preferences, or if you’re looking for a high-quality, educational product.

Remember, the best toys are those that are both fun and engaging, and provide value for the child in terms of learning, social interaction, or self-expression. Look for age-appropriate toys with reliable safety certifications, positive reviews, and those that align with your child’s interests and hobbies. With some research and planning, you can find great toys for your 12-year-old without breaking the bank.


Are there any safety concerns when buying toys for a 12-year-old?

Yes, there are safety concerns to be aware of when purchasing toys for 12-year-olds. First and foremost, ensure that the toys you choose have appropriate safety certifications. Look for labels that indicate compliance with safety standards, such as those from the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and the EN71 series for European toys. Moreover, always read the manufacturer’s safety instructions, as these can provide valuable information on proper usage, assembly, and cleaning of the toy.

It is also important to choose toys that are age-appropriate and suitable for the intended user. Avoid toys with small parts or components that could present choking hazards, and opt for toys made from materials that are safe and non-toxic. Additionally, exercise caution when purchasing toys that are marketed as age-neutral or designed for younger children. Always check the product specifications and customer reviews to ensure that the toy will be an appropriate and safe choice for your 12-year-old.

What types of toys are educational for 12-year-olds?

There are numerous educational toys available for 12-year-olds, catering to different interests and subject areas. Some popular options include building and construction sets, science kits, coding games, puzzles, and board games. These toys often incorporate elements of mathematics, physics, engineering, and computer science, and help develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. They can also foster an appreciation for STEM subjects and help children prepare for future careers in these fields.

For example, Lego sets offer hands-on building and creativity while also introducing principles of design, architecture, and engineering. Science kits, like chemistry sets, provide an engaging way for children to explore the scientific method and experimentation, while coding games and robotics help develop understanding of programming languages and computer science concepts. Board games that challenge thinking skills, such as strategy or logic puzzles, can also encourage intellectual growth and mental agility. By providing opportunities for active participation and exploration, educational toys can be both enjoyable and enriching for 12-year-olds.

Are there any environmental or sustainability considerations when buying toys for a 12-year-old?

Yes, there are environmental and sustainability considerations when buying toys for a 12-year-old. Consciously choosing toys made from eco-friendly, recyclable, or reusable materials can help reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact of toy production. Look for products from companies that prioritize sustainable manufacturing processes and use resources efficiently.

When considering packaging, opt for products with minimal or recyclable packaging. Reduce plastic waste by looking for toys without batteries, or choose rechargeable batteries instead. Educational toys that are long-lasting, of high quality, and designed to be durable will not only provide an excellent learning experience but also contribute to a more sustainable play environment in the long run.